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Exsisting Characters

Post by Prince Gregory on Fri Dec 04, 2015 4:26 pm

As you know, there are many characters that already exist that need roleplaying. So, for that reason, I have created a list of characters you can be and who is them. I understand some characters are more popular than others, but until that character dies no one will be that character but the person who commits to being it. That means, if the queen is present and you're the queen, you must say something if someone asks you to. Also, if you were the queen you would have to say certain things at certain times like if you were in the women's room and a guard whispered something to you, then you might respond? Make sure to follow all the forums you're RPing in so you can know if someone asks of your presence. You shall behave as the character does, for instance, if you were America and someone hurt your feelings, you might yell at them. PLEASE CHANGE YOUR USERNAME TO THE NAME OF YOUR CHARACTER. Shocked
(Queen) America
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Gavril (The Report host)
Ladies in Waiting (America's old maids, Kriss, and Celeste)
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